Yellow Is the New Black

December 21 2015, INFINITI North Vancouver

Yellow Is the New Black

2016 Season Shaping up to be One of the Best in Recent Memory.

This weekend will see the start of the 2016 Formula One season in Melbourne with the welcome return of Renault to the top echelon of motorsports. INFINITI will be joining the team as a technical partner with input into the ERS system.

And what a great sight it is for those of us who remember the iconic yellow livery of the 70's, 80's and 90's livery (I of course only remember the 90's.) But there is no time for nostalgia as there is a race to get on with.

It looks like qualifying is going to be wet. This is something that always shakes up the grid and gives the teams a chance to disrupt the order. Great news for us F1 fans and with a new format aimed to shake up the grid further there is a real chance for surprises.

As Melbourne is a street circuit, it punishes every aspect of the car. Especially as the first race of the season where reliability is always an issue. Expect to see the drivers grapple with more than just each other. Every corner, every bump will be felt by these guys.

Jolyon Palmer comes to this race with little experience in an F1 car other than testing duties, but make no mistake he is fast with great cornering skills from his GP2 experience. Kevin Magnussen has been round this track with McLaren previously so that will stand him in good stead.